contenir les attaques


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Hi everyone,

How can I translate the verb "contenir" into English in the following context?

X ont contenu les attaques des X.

thanks in advance
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    Quite possibly "contained".

    What is the context, please?

    X a combattu avec ardeur le puissant roi Y d’Assyrie. Il réussit à conserver l’indépendance du pays et laissa à ses successeurs un état florissant. Son successeur, le roi W a pu contenir les attaques successives des Assyriens.

    X fought ardently against the powerful king Y of Assyria. He managed to preserve the independence of the country and passed down to his successors a flourishing state. His successor, king W, succeeded in ?? the unremitting assaults of Assyrians.


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    'succeeded in containing' sounds alright to me, if a little old-fashioned. Or perhaps 'succeeded in repelling'?
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