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In a training guide, it refers to "each of the content modules". In Spanish, could that be "cada modulo"?
Gracias por la ayuda.
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    Que rapido la respuesta :)
    En realidad "content module" se usa muchas veces en vocabulario de negocios de computadoras. El sentido es un poquito diferente que "contenidos del modulo". Sigo buscando. . . .
    Has anyone else run across this term? I am thinking that "content module" means the same as just "module".


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    Yes, the meaning is close to that of "module". The educational jargon "content module" is often important in the instructional design process, to distinguish between different concepts presented in the same learning unit. In this context, "content" refers to the "learning content" or "educational content".

    Hope it helps.