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Hello , everyone

I checked wordreference dictionary and it says "contented" means satisfied. But when I replaced "satisfied" with "contented", my teacher said "contented" was the wrong word to use.

It is a pie chart which displays the results of surveys of visitor satisfaction
The pie chart says:
satisfied: 40%
Very satisfied: 10%

I wrote:
The number of people who were contented and those who were very contented with their visit to the museum accounted for 40% and 10% respectively.

  • e2efour

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    Although the adjective content/contented expresses satisfaction, the standard term is visitor satisfaction, not visitor contentment.

    It is not impossible to use content, but it would be much less usual in your context.
    You simply have to learn what words are associated with different contexts.

    "How satisfied were you with xxxx?" is used more often than "How content were you with xxxx?"
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