Contestación a la demanda

Discussion in 'Legal Terminology' started by picazolawyer, Sep 25, 2006.

  1. picazolawyer Member

    Hola, como podría traducir: contestación a la demanda....

    Answer to the demand?? suena como muy español no?

    la verdad no tengo idea.. alguna sugerencia

    muchas gracias de verdad
  2. dauda98 Senior Member

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    Answer to a complaint. Often you will also see "answer to complaint" without the "a". The are both one and the same.
  3. UUBiker Senior Member

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    "Answer to the Complaint," works too (particularly in text, as opposed to as a caption where it needs to make less sense); in fact "Answer" works as a caption, and would be the most frequent.
  4. Dulcesitos

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    I agree with UUBiker.
  5. dauda98 Senior Member

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    I disagree. The caption regarding these types of documents are generally titled: "Answer to Complaint". In generic english we say...this is an answer to the complaint filed. But when refering to the documents and when reading legal texts you will see more often "answer to complaint".
  6. UUBiker Senior Member

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    The only place where I could imagine the article not appearing would be in, for example, a docket listing, but never in a brief or a memorandum of points and authorities. "In the Answer to the Complaint filed on January 23, 2005, Defendant makes clear in paragraph 14 that he denies liability for his actions herein." One could image a docket entry "Answer to Complaint filed January 23, 2005," but one couldn't imagine writing a brief where if you had to read this same text out loud, you couldn't say it standard English.

    In either case, even in the docket entry, the article would hardly be wrong. In fact, the article even before "Defendant" in the above would hardly be wrong. Legal English can be (but doesn't have to be) stilted.
  7. gomy New Member

    Defence brief
  8. Iuris Tantum

    Iuris Tantum Banned

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  9. MaGuVa New Member

    The word "contestación" impliest contesting, not just answering.
  10. aynrander Senior Member

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    Me parece muy correcto y logico. Una cosa es la denominacion del escrito y otra lo que se dice de el en listas. aunque es muy ilustrativa la respetable opinion de UUbiker y muy util. He visto en otras partes "Answer" a secas.
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  11. Onkayaks

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    Defence plea.
  12. Jill B. New Member

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    Hi to all -

    Just wanted to reiterate for the benefit of Picazolawyer that I second the opinions of UUBiker. Contestación a la demanda is a set phrase that refers to an answer to a complaint, so I respectfully disagree that the phrase implies contesting and is not simply answering, nor is it a defense plea or brief.

    I will defer to UUBiker and dauda98 on the debate regarding the use of articles; however, for what it's worth, I align myself with UUBiker on this topic.

    I chimed in because I wanted to make sure you followed the guidance given by UUBiker and were not swayed by other options presented later in this thread.


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