1. valentinesday New Member

    I'd like to translate into English "contexto histórico", I'm writing about a book, and I have to say at what period the novel was written, so can I put in the tittle: "Historic Period" or there is a better way?
  2. 3l1kl0X

    3l1kl0X Senior Member

    Castellano - España
    Diría historic context
  3. Ushuaia

    Ushuaia Senior Member

    Buenos Aires
    castellano rioplatense
    ¿"Historical frame", quizás?
  4. Obrero New Member

    "Historical context" is probably the best.
  5. speedier

    speedier Senior Member

    I think so too.

    Incidentally, historic means something that makes history or is a part of history.
  6. Obrero New Member

  7. 3l1kl0X

    3l1kl0X Senior Member

    Castellano - España
    I knew that but everytime I translate watching the translated text and it has this kind of error I fail.lol.
  8. valentinesday New Member

    Thank you so much!!

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