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    I have a confusing sentence which was copied from my test. It makes me feel awkward:
    She ........(particularly, strongly, essentially, extremely) wanted a house overlooking the sea, her son was..........(continually, continuously) knocking over the ornaments.
    The answer is: extremely and continually!:confused:
    I think it's not easy to differentiate the adverbs in this sentence.
  2. Loob

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    Hello screenactorsguild

    The rule here is one topic per thread, so I'll just answer your question about "extremely".

    "Extremely" is actually the worst answer:(. We use "extremely" with adjectives, not with verbs - it's rather like "very".

    She extremely wanted a house:cross:
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    I agree - I like some better than others, and I think "particularly" is best, but the only one of the four I couldn't imagine using is "extremely."

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