continuing until all amounts owning hereunder

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    Hola. Espero puedan ayudarme con esta frase en negrita. Se trata de un contrato de financiamiento. Les dejo mi intento.

    Without limiting the foregoing, following an Event of Default, Lender at its option may, in addition to the late payment fee set forth in the immediately preceding sentence, prospectively increase the Interest Rate by an amount equal to a rate of Five Percent (5%) per annum; or, if such rate exceeds the maximum rate legally allowed by Applicable Law, then at such maximum rate, and continuing until all amounts owning hereunder have been fully paid.

    (...) o, si dicha tasa es superior a la tasa máxima legal permitida por la Ley Aplicable, entonces, a dicha tasa máxima, la cual se aplicará hasta que todas las cantidades adeudas de aquí en adelante hayan sido totalmente pagadas.

    Gracias por adelantado.

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