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I'm going through some documents for a friend from his time as a physician in Italy a while back. Now, he says that the documents should say his position is that of an "Outpatient Physician" however the documents he's given me lists his position as "Continuità Assistenziale," which to me is "continuing care" (the opposite of outpatient care pretty much).

Now perhaps I'm missing something in translation; are outpatient facilities referred to as "Continuità Assistenziale" in Italian? Any light shed on the matter would be greatly appreciated!
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    From an Italian NHS website:
    Il Servizio di Continuità Assistenziale assicura gli interventi domiciliari non differibili negli orari in cui il Medico ed il Pediatra di famiglia non sono tenuti ad esercitare l’attività, né ad essere disponibili.

    "Medico di continuita' assistenziale" is therefore a NHS physician who sees patients (either at a clinic or on house calls) over the weekend or anyway outside of regular office hours.

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    Aaah, okay! That makes more sense, thanks for clearing this up for me! :)

    Actually, could you provide a link from the page you found that description? It could be helpful, thanks!
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