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    ejamplo... her responses to the questions fell on a continuum.


    There is an interestining continuum of choices...

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    Hi Susan! :p

    Do you need these sentences translated into Spanish? Just the word "continuum"?
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    Continuo: Todo compuesto de partes unidas entre sí: Esta película es un continuo de despropósitos. [a continuum of...]

    [​IMG] Ed
  4. sperdomo Senior Member

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    I just need the word continuum but I chose those sentences so I could see what prepositions and verbs are associated with it. Continuum.. de... a? The expression "fell on a continuum" is very idiomatic and I usually have trouble translating those types of expressions.
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    por lo que entiendo del significado de la palabra en inglés, estos son malos ejemplos.

    Lo digo porque choics y responses son distintos uno de otro. Creo que la palabra apropiada es 'range'.

    Por si acaso, continuum=continuo [American Heritage Spanish Dictionary]

  6. Artrella Banned

    Hi Susan... :p

    The NEW OXFORD Dictionary

    noun (PL. continua ) [usu. in SING.] a continuous sequence in which adjacent elements are not perceptibly different from each other, but the extremes are quite distinct.
    ORIGIN mid 17th cent.: from Latin, neuter of continuus (see CONTINUOUS).

    something that changes in character gradually or in very slight stages without any clear dividing points:
    It's not 'left-wing or right-wing' - political opinion is a long continuum.

    Examples from Collins Cobuild

    However, there have been some very interesting developments in the research on obsessions and tics recently and it seems likely that ordinary habits are at the mild end of the same continuum.

    Cognitive and physiological anxiety are part of the same continuum.

    We can infer that he is a middle-aged man, perhaps in his fifties, who cares deeply about his connections with the past, his place in the continuum of history.

    And being able to look at that continuum is something that we've tried in the last one to introduce, families of items and build on.

    Do you see yourself as just over here on this absolute end of the continuum where you have a passage that you would say you would never want to touch a passage, or a word or shorten it or anything like that?

    You know, texts that aren't just manufactured for the purpose of getting -- -But I think there seems to be a very large continuum between the kind of passages that some of us saw on tests when we took them as kids and authentic text that you can't touch a word, can't take out a paragraph.

    I mean, there's a long continuum.

    And when I think of authenticity, I see a continuum that runs from maybe a test kind of situation through the classroom, because even what we do in the classroom is not totally authentic, all the way to real life for the kids, you know, what's outside the classroom.

    We work at a great Institution and we have reason to take pride in the historical continuum in which we are privileged to play a temporary part.
  7. sperdomo Senior Member

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    Perhaps I am misusing the word in the second example and range would be better a better choice, thank you. Even native speakers can improve thier English here!

    However, in the first example the word is correctly used. It would be impossible to substitute "range".
  8. cuchuflete

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    I agree, of course, that responses cannot 'fall into/onto a range'. My point was that continuum implies a lack of clear distinction among the elements that form it, and thus responses, which are generally distinct, belong in some other context. If range doesn't work, perhaps universe or some other word would do.

    Finally, I yield. You are correct. Continuum is generally mis-used, so that its colloquial meaning, all dictionaries be damned, is that which you intended in the first place. I was simply seeking greater precision, but your uses of continuum would be easily understood by most speakers of AE.

  9. sperdomo Senior Member

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    Would the translation be ... caer en un continuo? How would I say on one end of the continuum is.... en un lado del continuo? en un extremo de continuo
    I appreciate by the way, your attempts at being precise and always welcome feedback in any language.
  10. lauranazario

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    La única acepción "científica" que encontré parta la palabra la saqué del Diccionario Técnico Español>< Inglés de F. Beigbeder...

    continuum = continuo (matemáticas)

  11. arenare Senior Member

    Una aportación: Continuum es un término que aparece con frecuencia, tal cual, en muchos estudios sociológicos en castellano, con el significado de "escala". El DRAE por supuesto no lo recoge, pero así son las cosas. Muchos saludos.
  12. rev ev Member

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    Para 'continuum' se podría utilizar 'sucesión' (de eventos, de hechos) en Español .
  13. Estebog New Member

    Colombian Spanish
    Yo traduje "As socially anxious people we may tend to think our problems make us somehow different from the rest of humanity, rather than falling on a continuum that describes the entire human condition." así:

    "Como personas socialmente ansiosas puede que tendamos a pensar que nuestros problemas nos hacen de algún modo diferentes del resto de la humanidad, en vez de que hacemos parte de un continuo que describe a toda la condición humana."

    Ésta es una de las acepciones de la palabra "continuo" según el diccionario de la real academia:

    5. m. Todo compuesto de partes unidas entre sí.
  14. Taycaro Senior Member

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    Mexican Spanish
    Continuando con el tema de "continuum", les pido ayuda con la traducción a español en esta oración:

    Even if quantitative and qualitative approaches are construed as existing along a continuum (rather than being wholly distinctive, the fact remains that most individual researchers are trained primarily in only one approach

    Mi intento:

    Incluso si se interpreta que los enfoques cuantitativos y cualitativos existen en un continuo , en lugar de ser totalmente distintivos, el hecho sigue siendo que más investigadores están entrenados principalmente en sólo uno de los enfoques.

    GRACIAS por su ayuda.

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