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Hi! I'm working on a document that's about art.

What are contour lines?
Contornos? Or líneas de contorno?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  • Hi,
    1.a. The outline of a figure, body, or mass.b. A line that represents such an outline.
    3. A contour line.

    "Contour Lines": It's kind of redundant, isn't it? I think the same happens in Spanish with "líneas de contorno".

    2. m. Conjunto de las líneas que limitan una figura o composición.
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    Adolfo Afogutu,

    ¿Cómo es qué no se me occurió buscar en el RAE?!

    Muchas gracias por su aportación.:)

    It's not in the context of art but 'contour lines' are used on maps to indicate height and thus give an indication of relief ('relieve'). They are identical in concept to the 'isobar lines' on weather maps used to indicate atmospheric pressure.

    Don't know if this really helps - but it might explain why the words 'contour' and 'lines' collocate well in English.

    Gracias por su aportación. Nos piden traducciones sobre diversos temas y estoy segura que su comentario me servirá en el futuro.
    I am not sure if this has been answered in the above posts, si here goes my 5c.
    En relación a la Topografía
    Contour Lines = Curvas de Nivel
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