contrôle de cohérence


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Pourriez-vous m'aider à traduire la prhase suivante? Surtout les mots soulignés.



Could someone help me with the translation of the following sentence? Especially the underlined words?

Thanks in advance!


"Lors de la modification, aucun contrôle de cohérence n'est effectué en fonction de l'ancienne valeur du champ"

  • Kelly B

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    The values are not checked for consistency (to verify that the new one is the same as the old one, I think.)

    Francis Nugent Dixon

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    Although I totally agree with Kelly B in this example, "Contrôle de cohérence" can have a wider and more general meaning.

    Consistency Control - a check to see if some data is consistent with existing (associated ?) data,
    Consistency Management - the practice of checking that data entered into a computing system is consistent (or coherent) with the data already present in the system.

    As a silly example : Ms. Smith born 23 Jan 2004, situation married, children 3 - would raise a "contrôle de cohérence" indication (for obvious reasons).

    Consistency Checking does not necessarily identify the error, only indicate that an error exists SOMEWHERE in the data associated with a particular subject. Because this checking mechanism only shows a conflict between certain data values, it is often impossible to show where the error really is.

    I hope this is not overkill !!
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