contrôle de gestion

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  1. ponyboy

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    Anyone familiar with accounting vocabulary in French and English? I'm translating a document that says:
    Sur un certain nombre d'aspects, il fera appel au contrôle de gestion de l'unité pour justifier de la réalité économique des comptes (provisions, encours etc..)

    I assume it has to do with audits, but for the life of me I can't figure out what "contrôle de gestion" is supposed to mean...

    any help much appreciated!
  2. ponyboy

    ponyboy Senior Member

    Brooklyn, NY
    U.S. English
    okay since no one else seems to know either, how does
    it would work with the client’s managerial overseeing department in order to the economic reality of all accounts (funds, debts, etc.)
    sound? pls?
  3. DDT

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    Just dropping some lines to kindly point out your attention on the fact that this is a friendly cultural community where everybody mutually helps each other. This means, among other things, that your questions are going to be answered, but please allow other members the time to check your posts and verify whether they can be helpful or not

  4. edwingill Senior Member

    England English
    management control or management audit
  5. williamtmiller Senior Member

    contrôle de gestion = cost controlling
    contrôleur de gestion = cost controller
  6. ponyboy

    ponyboy Senior Member

    Brooklyn, NY
    U.S. English
    mille fois merci à tous ceux qui m'ont répondu ça m'a tellement embêté cette question de cost controlling

  7. igruwka Member

    russian France
    I really think that Cost analyst is more accurate than Cost controller, because the English meaning of the word "control" is not 100% match with the French one. Also, I think that if you look at job descriptions you will find that "cost analyst" matches better
  8. Alipeeps Senior Member

    UK - English
    The word controller has a specific meaning in English in relation to financial roles however, so it probably is correct in this case. The job title Controlleur de Gestion would translate as Financial Controller, which is an accepted and understood job title in financial circles.
  9. Tonino7 New Member

    I think that the accurate meaning is : Management accounting.

    Controleur de gestion : Management accountant.

    (because I saw a lot of jobs announces with this title in London. And missions were the ones corresponding to a french controleur de gestion..)
  10. dikiz

    dikiz Senior Member

    :warn: Je vous arrête tout de suite, aucune des réponses précédentes est exactes, alors qu'il est existe une traduction pourtant précise : cost accounting. Cela renvoie bien à toute les méthodes du contrôle de gestion: ABC / SCA / FCA / ...

    Management accounting ça se traduit en français par "compatabilité analytique", qui n'est pas l'activité mais la méthode.

    Corporate finance et auditing sont aussi des mots-clé importants
  11. Arbiter

    Arbiter Senior Member

    French | Français

    Je te trouve bien péremptoire. Va donc expliquer ça aux management accountants qui pratiquent le management accounting au sein du Chartered Institute of Management Accounting ou de l'Institute of Management Accountants, entre autres...
    Quant au cost accounting, il ne représente qu'une partie du management accounting.
  12. dikiz

    dikiz Senior Member

    Chacun y va de sa propre tentative alors que la question n'est pas ouverte, cela laisse entendre qu'il y'a une relativité des équivalents, ce qui n'est pourtant pas le cas. Je vous trouve bien susceptible.
    Je n'ai pas dit le contraire. D'ailleurs cela correspond tout à fait ma définition.
  13. Transfer_02 Senior Member

    Espoo, Finland
    English - British
    When I was working in France as a "contrôleur de gestion", I used the title "business controller" in English.

    A business controller is typically someone who supports the business, produces analytical reports, budgets and forecasts, metrics and benchmarks etc but does not get involved in routine accounting operations.

    A financial controller, on the other hand, would have less operational ties with the front-line business operations but more responsibility for the profitability, cash flow and balance sheet transactions of a company.

    Hope this helps.
    (better late than never)
  14. retjoun

    retjoun Member

    Paris, France
    I have also come across "comptroller." Just that word, composed of "compte" (account) + control. I've tentatively used the word before in relevant circles and no one seemed shocked.

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