contrôleur de gestion

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  1. Fredafraid

    Fredafraid Senior Member

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    France - French
    Hi everybody,
    I need to know how to translate contrôleur de gestion into English because I want to apply for a course in order to become that one...
    But as I didn't find, I ask you for help.
    Is the field comptabilité analytique correct ? Thus it could be management accounting analyst ?
    Thank you all.
  2. williamtmiller Senior Member

    chez moi on appelle "contrôleur de gestion" a cost controller.
  3. Agnès E.

    Agnès E. Senior Member

    France, French
    Je vous suggère de jeter un oeil sur qui donne plusieurs résultats pour contrôleur de gestion.
    Un copier/coller du lien vers les fiches ne donne malheureusement rien, désolée... :(
  4. Fredafraid

    Fredafraid Senior Member

    Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    France - French
    thank you, I've looked up in many different sources, even asking a friend of mine who's an Australian, but I've never managed to be clear enough !

    cost controller sounds fine,

    PS : Agnès, your website is great as well ! thank you so much ! I'm wondering how I couldn't find it by my own before...? :confused:
  5. LondonBouncer New Member

    Contrôleur de Gestion se dit "Management Accountant" ou "Commercial Management Accountant" quand il a une dimension plus orientée business, par exemple, quand il est impliqué dans l'analyse des écarts de produits, de la marge, etc...
    En UK ou US, le contrôleur de gestion a une fonction assez comptable en soi, mais selon ses fonctions et ses responsabilités, on peut le retrouver sous la forme de "Financial Analyst".
  6. edwingill Senior Member

    England English
    I think it is straight translation "management controller"
  7. mickeymom Member

  8. Tardo New Member

    Management accountant would be the correct translation for me . ( Management accountancy for "contrôle de gestion" )

    ( Cost accountancy and cost accountant are older terms )

    I spend my time telling my students not to say management control or controller!! ( which is the "Google" translation )

    You will find the term " Financial controller " , especially in the USA , it tends to be quite a high level post with overall responsibility for finance aand accounting .

    Many firms have particular titles for jobs in this area .

    It is always difficult to translate "contrôle" , "pilotage" , "suivi" etc in this field .

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