Contra cruciadă

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„Over the years the traditional mantra invoked by the historians of the counter-crusade has been a familiar one: Zengi - Nur ai-Din - Saladin; a sort of Islamic triple jump which regained Jerusalem. And yet if the counter-crusade is to be viewed as the political manifestation in Syria of the Sunni Revival then the validity of this triumvirate needs to be called into question.“
Abdul Rahman Azzam - Saladin

Ce înseamnă counter-crusade?
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    Tot ce pot să ofer este o definiție dintr-un text academic publicat aici:

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    well-engrained narrative framing device: the

    “Counter-Crusade,” a common term for the Islamic military response to the Franks starting in the 1140s. The phrase “Counter-Crusade” is, obviously, a modern construct, but..."