contracepción / múltiples contraindicaciones / impedir la implantación

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    That was incredibly quick, I was expecting a few days!! OK, I'm not quite clear so perhaps some kind soul could translate the entire paragraph:

    ""Este tipo de 'contracepción' utiliza píldoras de alto riesgo y múltiples contraindicaciones no siempre bien informadas, uno de cuyos múltiples efectos es impedir la implantación"

    Regards, Philip

    PS Its taking about the morning after pill...
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    "A very typical context for the use of the word is in the administration of medicinal or medical treatment.

    In this context, (and the meaning may be extrapolated to other non-medical stuations), whereas a given symptom may be an 'indicator' or indication that a certain treatment or medicine is appropriate; a "contraindication" evidences against the same treatment or medicine for other existing conditions or symptoms is not suitable." Pipeline: Wikianswers.
  3. philleus New Member

    Thank you - I thought the word was a direct translation of the Spanish rather than a real English word! What about implantación - is that a technical word for conception?
  4. aviangel Senior Member

    Spain; spanish
    In Spain "contraception" = "anticoncepción".
  5. Ilialluna

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    Hola. En cuanto a implantación y concepción, son dos cosas distintas. "Concepción" se refiere a la fertilización del óvulo por el espermatozoide (antes de llegar al útero) e "implantación" se refiere a la implantación o anidación del óvulo ya fecundado o fertilizado en el útero.

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