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Hello everyone! Does anyone know how can I translate this into Italian? I have no idea at all.

The context is, we're talking about a guy who's now head of HR and Accounting in an electronic company, and previously

" had served almost ten years in the same function in a contract engineering company"

Sorry I can't even make an intelligent attempt, as I know nothing about this stuff. Thanks for any help you can give me.

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    this is interesting for me too.

    In another thread on the forum a contract company is defined contrattista
    (if I understood well new members can't post links, is that correct?) The thread is field under 'contract manufacturer'.

    I would say

    società contrattista di ingegneria

    or try something like

    società fornitrice di servizi ingegneristici


    Certamente si, sono due cose diverse, hai ragione!
    Se il concetto di base resta quello della subfornitura o supappalto allora potrebbe essere comunque corretto dire contrattista? Che differenza c'è di preciso con "d'Offerta"?


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    or try something like

    società fornitrice di servizi ingegneristici

    That's probably the best solution. Contract engineering covers a number of activities and industries (from SW to oil-and-gas).

    You could also render:
    " a contract engineering company"
    as "in una società di servizi ingegneristici."

    LC, you're right. Contract manufacturing is a different animal, while "Ingegneria d'offerta" is normally Proposal engineering.