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This is the text I found on a book, could anyone explain the meaning of "contract under seal" in the following paragraph?

"If the contractor is liable for defective works for 12 years with contract under seal (6 years with contract not under seal), then what is the significance of Maintenance Period?"

Thank you very much
  • kitenok

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    Hi igma,

    You might want to have a look at this Wikipedia article (link) about the term "seal" as it relates to contract law. What it means in reality for a contract to be "under seal" or "not under seal" differs depending on the country and the time period we are talking about. In any case, the requirements for a "sealed" contract (one "made under seal") are distinct from the requirements for one that was merely written and signed ("made under hand").


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    I think it would be necessary to consult someone with a legal background to get an accurate definition. It is a way to ensure a strict/binding contract, verified by a seal of some sort (company seal, notary/attorney seal, I don' t know), but beyond that I would suggest that it's not right to comment in a language discussion forum.
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