Contrato fijo / Contrato temporal

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  1. JaimeMerodio Senior Member

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    Hola muy buenas a todos! Partiendo de la base de que por ejemplo de que una empresa efectúa a sus empleados tanto contratos fijos como temporales.

    ¿Cómo serían los equivalentes en inglés de contrato fijo y contrato temporal?

    Gracias de antemano
  2. scotu Senior Member

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    contrato fijo = Permanent employee.

    contrato temporal = temporary employee.

  3. JaimeMerodio Senior Member

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    Ok I am going to introduce all the context because I don´t think saying Permanent employee would fit in here. Maybe I am wrong, but you are talking about the employees, I am talking about contracts

    * Sustitución de un empleado que tenía un contrato fijo y que su tiempo de rescisión ha llegado a su fecha de vencimiento

    Could anybody help me to translate this sentence please?

    This would be my try:

    Substitution of an employee who held a open-ended contract/ rolling contract and its rescission time has come to an expiry date.

    What do you think?
  4. scotu Senior Member

    Paradise: LaX.Nay.Mex.
    Chicago English
    I think that your phrase refers to replacing an employee with a "permanent employee" contract.
    It appears that after a certain date you will not be able to cancel the employment contract???
    So the contract will reach "a contractual expiration date" .....
    or "the contractual expiration date is about to expire."
  5. JaimeMerodio Senior Member

    Spanish (Spain)
    Ahora me surge otra vez la duda. Tengo que traducir una página web, y necesito traducir un formulario me pone:

    Contrato > Elija contrato > Contrato fijo / Contrato temporal

    Si no me equivoco Contrato fijo puede ser: pen-ended contract/ rolling contract
    Cómo sería contrato temporal, temporary contract?
  6. galesa Senior Member

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    My ideas: (just to add to confusion)
    Substitution of an employee who held a fixed term contract and its cancellation time is about to expire.

    Contract - Select Contract - Fixed term Contract/Temporary/seasonal Contract
  7. JaimeMerodio Senior Member

    Spanish (Spain)
    Thank you very much. Como siempre un 10 galesa. Paddy O´Brien bless you!
  8. jónico

    jónico Senior Member

    Los madriles
    Wait, a contrato fijo is a contract that has no expiry date and includes job security protections against the worker being fired. Much like tenure in academia except that, in Spain, this type of tenure is possible for every type of job, not just for univeristy professors.
    So it's quite the opposite of a fixed term contract. I'd go back to the "open-ended" contract perhaps...

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