contratos bilaterales o sinalagmáticos, tracto único

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    Sabeis como se traduce al ingles los siguientes terminos:
    "contratos bilaterales o sinalagmáticos, difieren si son de tracto único o contratos de tracto sucesivo"
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    "Bilateral contracts" es el equivalente de "contratos bilaterales o sinalagmáticos".
  3. Cubanboy

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    contratos de tracto sucesivo - continuing-performance contracts.

    Synallagmatic contract - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - [ Traducir esta página ]
    In civil law systems, a synallagmatic contract is a contract in which each party to the contract is bound to provide something to the other party. ...

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    synallagmatic contract - definition of synallagmatic contract from Bilateral or reciprocal contract in which both parties provide ...

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