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    Piso estructurado de madera, contrazocalo de madera de 4”
    Sanitarios Trébol tipo one piece, tablero de granito y lavatorio de sobre poner modelo Diváni o similar, grifería Vainsa minimalista monocomando alta o similar.

    No he encontrado en ningún diccionario ni siquiera en los especializados que tengo de ingeniería y construcción... También tengo el término zócalo, y le estoy poniendo baseboard.
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    Si se refiere a lo que aquí llamamos rodapié, una franja vertical al pie de los paramentos interiores, habitualmente de entre 7 y 15 cm de altura, de material igual o en consonancia con el de suelo, entonces sí es baseboard en USA y/o skirting board, según el diccionario de WR.
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    Quarter round is just the shape of the element but not the name of the element. Quarter round is equivalent to ovolo moulding and it means "cuarto bocel". But you can find this shape in many other elements like cornices and frames for example, not only in "contrazócalos"

    For the element in the picture you show I'd suggest skirting board mould.
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    "Even today, it is quite common to have a quarter round moulding between the baseboard and floor. Quarter round has the added advantage of covering more of the floor, giving the finished flooring installer a greater margin of error that can be covered up by the quarter round and baseboard."

    "Quarter round, a term typically used in the flooring industry is a convex molding that has a cross section in the form of a quarter of a circle or of an ellipse.
    Typically used as a flooring joint between the flooring and the baseboard, quarter round is not a requirement for flooring, but in the United States, it is preferred because of its aesthetic appeal. It covers the uneven edge as flooring meets the baseboard.
    Quarter round is typically sold in various materials such as natural hardwood,engineered hardwood and laminate."
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    Yes, you're right. However, as it says "quarter round" is the shape of the moulding. Due to its shape, the moulding has been called "quarter round" but it couldn't be named like that if the same element had another shape (rarely, but possible). Therefore, "quarter round" is like that sort of moulding is called but it is not used exclusively for that element because you can find "quarter round tables", "quarter round shelves" and "quarter round frames" for example. I mean, not all the "quarter rounds" are mouldings and not all the mouldings are "quarter round" :) It's not a very accurate synonym then.

    I think it is like the musical instrument "triangle". It has been called according to its shape but "triangles" can be found everywhere. We couldn't call "triangle" to a percussion instrument with the shape of a pentagon used in the same way (rarely, but possible).

    This post is a bit confusing, isn't it? ;)

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