contrepartie (finance - hedging)


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In a document briefly explaining a company's hedging policy I have:

La valeur d’impôt est calculée sur la base de la variation de juste valeur et est comptabilisé sur les lignes 441000 impôt différé actif ou 155000 impôts différés passif et la contrepartie sur la ligne 106200.

The company is hedging through swaps and collars.

Elsewhere in the document contrepartie is used as the equivalent to counterparty. In other words it does not refer to the consideration passing under the contract but to the other party.

It seem from Google that 106200 relates to réserves statutaires ou contractuelles (are the line numbers references to a standard format for French accounts?) so it doesn't look as though the other party would be entered here.

Does contrepartie mean the company's liability under the hedging instrument, and if so what is this generally called?


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    Thanks. There isn't really a first entry here, though, so I'm not sure what the second entry would be.

    I would say it must mean consideration, except that elsewhere in the document it says that the line in question shows the fair value of the instrument. This is not necessarily the same as the consideration so I am still stuck!
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