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I have been reaping the benefits of this excellent forum for years, but have never been so completely lost that I had to register and ask my own question; so here is my first post.

I need to translate the following list in a French language "White Paper" containing guidelines for the provision of financial services to the arms industry:

2.1.3 Contreparties
1. Contrepartie holding (CPH)
2. Contrepartie Individuelle (CPI)
3. Opérations (OPE)

This is in a section entitled "services et contreparties susceptibles d'être proposés par les établissements ba,caires et les compagnies d'assurance".
So "contreparties" clearly does not refer to "counterparts" in the classic sense of parties to a transaction.

The services listed include "Financement, Investissement / Placement, Opération de commerce international (Trade Finance), et Services, so I'm not really sure what is left?

I thought of "Export credit", but this appears to be covered by Trade Finance...

I found a possible definition of "contrepartie individuelle" as being "Principal trading" but this appears to be far too technical for the context, which is supposed to cover all forms of financial support to international trade in arms.

In the same way, I have no way of knowing what a "contrepartie - opérations" would be : is it just "trading" or "transactions".

for the full context, the "Lignes directrices" are to be found at: the ORSE website

Thanks in advance
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    I believe that the appropriate translation of contrepartie here is broker/brokerage.

    These would be services provided indirectly by banks or insurance companies to the parties involved in the arms transactions.

    Just guessing here, but maybe contrepartie holding = a financial services broker that has a formal realtionship with a given bank/insurance company.
    Contrepartie individuelle ~ a broker free to find the best deals available from all banks/insurance companies.
    Opérations ~ the regulations relating to transactions by brokerages.

    I couldn't find your context, can you give a webpage link, please ?
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    thank you gardian,
    I feel you are on the right track.
    If you gogle the terms "contrepartie holding"
    there is a hit to the ORSE white paper in French near the top.
    (I am a new member and so cannot post links directly)


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    I was on the ORSE website but found nothing elaborating on the contrepartie section headings that you've already supplied.
    Maybe that is due to its being just a white paper where the authors are not yet sufficiently au fait with the situation or confident of the political acceptability of their suggestions.
    If there is any more, it would be best to provide it as it would help clarify matters.

    On reflection, it seems rational that the members of ORSE would want to ensure that arms are not traded to unsuitable end-users - not only by imposing certification protocols (e.g. what arms, to whom and for what purpose) but also to prevent access to financing by both manufacturers and end-users, as additional access to finance for these purposes will inevitably accelerate the overall trade in arms.
    It is well known that major EU manufacturers of industrial plant, seeking an advantage in a competitive bidding process for major non-EU contracts, will often offer to also arrange generous financing for the buyer with some commericial bank in the manufacturer's own country. Indeed, this very idea has often enabled German manufacturers to obtain contracts despite their being one of the higher bidders in the initial tendering process.
    I'd expect similar approaches to be applied in arms trade.
    The arms manufacturer would thus become a broker for the financing of their own sales to an end-user with limited funds, e.g. a third world country.
    Clearly, if this situation were allowed to continue unhindered, there is an obvious moral hazard upon the arms manufacturer, whose ultimate goal is to maximise its own sales.
    There is also a possibility that independent brokers covering this type of transaction would exist.
    And the ultimate bankers also need regulation for this kind of lending.

    Sorry that I can't help you any more than this at present.


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    Thanks again,
    I have much more to go on now.
    I will put some suggetsions to them and ask for clarification from the "Finance Club" of what is behind these cryptic shorthand references.

    Bon Dimanche
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