Contributing To Entropy Since 1992

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Contributing To Entropy Since 1992 <-----Topic added to post by moderator (Florentia52)----->

I saw it on someone's instagram bio. I think it's something funny or to some extence sarcastic but I just don't get the meaning. Could someone explain me what does that phrase mean?
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    The second law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of the universe cannot decrease over time. A plot of entropy is a non-decreasing function versus time. It also can be phrased as the universe is in a state of increasing disorder. Every human being, whether he knows it or not, is adding to or contributing to that increase in entropy.


    We need context in order to understand it. What happened to this person in 1992, for example?
    Clearly the person was born in 1992.
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    Contributing To Entropy Since 1992 -> Making the world a more disorganised place since 1992

    Uncle Jack

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    They were born in 1992, unless the writer is particularly alert and dates their contribution to entropy from their conception.

    Any irreversible thermodynamic process (which includes pretty much any form of chemical or biological activity) causes an increase in entropy in the universe as a whole. Entropy is a tricky concept to grasp; it cannot be measured directly, and can barely be measured indirectly; it passes readily from one thing to another and contains a temperature element, which means the entropy of any particular thing can go up and down while the entropy of the universe as a whole only goes up.

    The idea that entropy is "disorder" is an easy one to grasp, but isn't particularly meaningful. A better description would be "unusable energy" or "unusable heat". We use heat to drive things (even solar cells are powered from radiation generated by the heat of the sun), but some of this heat is unusable; that is entropy.


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    I agree with Uncle Jack. There is no proof he is referring to his date of birth but it is the only thing that makes any sense whatsoever in a funny, nerdy tag line like that. The minute he was born he started contributing to the entropy of the universe, whether knowingly or not. (Or as Jack says, technically from the moment of conception.)
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