Contribution is twofold. First;


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I'm stuck on the highlighted punctuation in the sentences below. They're part of a larger paragraph but to not bore you I've pasted the pertinent parts. :eek:

Ourcontribution is twofold. First; we state that the median voter isfaced with a cost versus efficiency trade-off plus numerousinstitutional restrictions....[the sentence goes on for two more lines, and then there is another sentence before --> ] Second, since the available data set from the IMF....

I had originally thought the way to do it was "Our contribution is twofold: first, .................; second,...... but I think there is too much text between "First" and "second".

Thank you x 1,000,000 in advance for any suggestions!!
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    If there's too much text after "First," then use numbered bullets or separate paragraphs. If you want to keep it all as text in one paragraph, the punctuation after "First" should be a comma or a colon, not a semicolon, and the two contributions should be punctuated in the same way.