contribuyente baja/baja de oficio

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Strange one this that I can't find anywhere

· no debe tener el estado de contribuyente baja o baja de oficio

This is from a list or requirements or conditions related to a debtor attempting to present a nominal guarantee

Ihave no idea what a "contribuyente baja" or "baja de oficio" is, so I can't even hint at a translation (does it have anying to do with paying a low amount of taxes?).

Can anyone help?
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    Hi Lingus:

    The term "estado de contribuyente baja" refers to those taxpayers, who are not currently performing "taxable activities", to say, they are not reporting taxes to the tax authorities.

    "Baja de oficio" refers to the process of deregistration of those taxpayer from the register of taxpayers. This deregistration can be either provisory or permanent.

    In this sense, in my opinion, you can translate "estado de contribuyente baja" as "inactive taxpayer".

    As to "baja de oficio", you can say "official deregistration".

    I hope this helps you.:)
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    Buenas, en base a lo consultado, como dirían: El contribuyente cuenta con impuestos con baja de oficio por decreto 1299/98. (Viene de un texto de la AFIP, Argentina)
    Mi intento: There are records of an official deregistration by Decree 1299/98 over taxes imposed on the taxpayer.

    Muchas gracias y mis disculpas la molestia
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