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Discussion in 'Financial Terms' started by dsantana, Mar 12, 2005.

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    (i.e) En Argentina no se acepta tarjetas de credito por el "control de cambio" que existe.
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    Control de cambio--perhaps it is the exchange rate (I don't know--but that is what I would assume). If the exchange rate keeps fluctuating from day to day, you could pay $10 American dollars for something in Argentina that a week from now, when your credit card actually clears, has you paying $10, but to the Argentine shopkeeper, its value has depreciated from $29 pesos to maybe $27 pesos--and the person who sold the goods feels stiffed. Again, this is presumption on my part as to its meaning.

    Good luck in finding your answer!

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    I hope somebody from Argentina will respond to you in this thread. The sentence is telling you that credit cards are not accepted in Argentina because of the "control de cambio" that exists. My best guess is that "control de cambio" refers to Argentina's Convertibility Law of 1991 which fixed exchange rates between the Argentine peso and the dollar.

    This is all very iffy because I believe credit cards are routinely accepted in Argentina. Maybe they are referring to a particular enterprise which chooses not to accept credit cards. Additionally, the Convertibility Law was recently repealed, along with a major devaluation of the Argentine peso.

    Don't know if any of that helps you.

    Argentinians .... what do you say on the subject?
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    Control de cambio is 'foreign exchange control' and could mean many things, from an outright ban on use of credit cards, to limitations on the amount of foreign currency one may purchase, and even double exchange rates, with one for businesses and another for private citizens.

    It can also refer to nations that do not allow their currencies to 'float' in relative value against other currencies. China is a current example. At one time, Argentina 'pegged' its exchange rate to the US Dollar. That was another form of control de cambio.

    For a good overview, in clear and simple prose, I suggest you look at Management and Control of Foreign Exchange Risk by Laurent Jacque.

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    Hola a todos muchas gracias por ayudarme con el término, estuve investigando en internet y conseguí esto en wikipedia:

    en el caso de Venezuela dice algo así: ...the government created CADIVI, a currency control board charged with
    handling foreign exchange procedures. The new exchange control regime fixed the U.S. dollar exchange rate at Bs. 1,596 = U.S...

    Así que decidí traducir CONTROL DE CAMBIO por EXCHANGE CONTROL REGIME...aunque creo que tambien puede ser una buena opción simplemente CURRENCY CONTROL.

    Bueno espero esto ayude a la comunidad de wordreference, nuevamente gracias por su ayuda:)

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