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Discussion in 'Medical Terminology' started by ldmcontractor, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. ldmcontractor New Member

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    translating medical document and the term evaluacion de control or control medical. what is the proper terminology for control in context?
  2. chics

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    In Spanish, you mean? If so, it's control médico.
  3. Dr J

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    Español, Colombia
    control médico o chequeo médico son los términos comunes en Colombia.
  4. lauranazario

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    Hi ldmcontractor... and welcome to WordReference.

    Your inquiry is kind of vague in the sense that we cannot see how the term was used on the original document.
    Therefore, would you kindly write down the full sentence (as it appears on the text) and also give us a bit of context information (Is it a form? What kind of form? Is it an article? What is the main topic and how does it somehow 'relate' to the term you're asking us about?)

    All additional information you send our way will help us help you (and avoid unnecessary guessing too).

  5. edo_galdames Member

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    Hello Laura Nazario, a Control Médico or Chequeo Médico is when you go to see your doctor because you are not felling good, and he (the doctor) ask you to come back, so when you come back to see the same doctor after he asked you.. is a Control Médico.

    It's an expression of common use...

    I'm really interested to know the answer.

    Warm regards,
  6. Dr J

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    Español, Colombia
    Hi everyone.

    In Colombia, "chequeo médico" is often used when you go to see a physician looking for a general medical assesment and screening tests (promotion of health and prevention of disease programs). Otherwise, "control médico" is often used when you have a disease (for the most part chronic diseases), that requires periodic follow-up.

    Nice day.

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