Convention collective de la propreté


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I'm having a little difficulty translating this term. Apologies for the missing accents on preprete - this computer seems to have trouble with them.

The sentance reads "La convention collective de la proprete ne prevoit aucune dispositions relatives aux criteres d'ordre des licenciements."

I translate it as "the collective labour agreement on honesty does not make any provision for relative clauses in the criteria for redundancy order." However, that sounds absolutely awful, and I'm not sure it even makes sense.

Any help gratefully received!
  • tribalGé

    "The collective agreement on cleanliness does not mention any measures connected with dismisal order"
    I am sure about the meaning , but my suggestion is probably not very "English" ... i hesitated between "dismisal order" or "order criterias of dismisals"...

    hope this helps


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    "The collective labour agreement applicable to cleaning companies does not contain any provision ...".

    the title of your thread refering only to convention collective de la propreté, I will answer to that.
    I saw the WR dictionary translate "propreté" as "honesty".
    But I think it's either oldfashioned or literary, meaning that someone is "morally" clean (je suis propre, honnête, je n'ai rien à me reprocher).
    Here, I'm sure it's cleaning companies.

    Concerning the rest of your sentence, you might have to post a new thread for that question (rule : one question per thread), if you think it's necessary. I'm saying that because I understand "critères d'ordre" as meaning that there is no order to respect to fire someone, but I am not sure (for example, the younger first).
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