converted solar energy into biomass


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Does "converted solar energy into biomass" refer to "(for example, before using the converting energy, we get only one apple, now we use the converted energy and get 10 apples, by this way, we have) converted solar energy into biomass." The question is what does "biomass" exactly means here. Sorry for the poor expression.

Unfortunately, the nickel alloy in his cell in effect poisoned the bacteria by damaging its DNA. But the problem proved serendipitous. In 2017, Nocera, came up with a replacement, a new cobalt-based catalyst. Except now, rather than generating hydrocarbons, the solar cell converted solar energy into biomass—at a 10-fold greater efficiency than fast-growing crops like switch grass—that could then be converted into fuels like bioalcohols and hydrocarbon fuels with a further stage.

-Scientific American

Source:Besting Nature
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