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Ciao tutti,

Today I'm in the heady realm of electrical systems, translating a manual for a multimeter, and apparently the following is meant to describe (a?) remote control:
Convertitore da tavolo RS232/RS-485 optoisolato, 38.400 Baud-rate max, gestione automatica o manuale della linea di TRASMIT, alimentazione 220…240Vac 10% oppure 110…120Vac a richiesta. (my emphases)
This text appears (not immediately) after the headings 'Schemi di collegamento' and 'Connessione PC-DMG110.. mediante interfaccia RS485', but I'm not quite sure whether its a change of subject or not - the layout isn't as clear as it might be.

Luckily, I have a reference, and that seems to indicate that the convertitore is a converter drive, but I'm lost regarding the tavolo. There don't seem to be "table converter drives" (or desktop ones) about on the web and the only plausible looking term from electropedia would be "switchboard", but that doesn't seem to be it either. I have a vague idea that tavolo might be used in place of a quadro of some kind, but I wouldn't be surprised if I was just imagining things.

Does anyone have any better ideas?

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  • Ciao, Mark :)

    I know that there are bench type multimeters. But I'm no expert: do you think that "tavolo" in your context might correspond to "banco di lavoro"? I so, could "bench type converter" do?
    Ah. That already sounds a lot more convincing, but I'm not sure. This would be, in that case, a bench convertitore or interfaccia rather than the multimeter itself, no?
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    I understand that this device is neither portable nor self-standing and therefore has to be placed on a support, so maybe we could translate it as desktop type converter or something along those lines (assuming I'm right of course).
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    Well, I don't find much for either, but if that's the meaning, as both of you suggest, I think perhaps "bench" is better, more 'hardware'. "Desk" would suggest more of an office/computer environment.
    Actually RS-232/RS-485 converters are used both in office and industrial/shop floor environments, so both desktop and bench could be applicable, unless we have more context and can determine what option is right here.
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    Ah. Well, I'd put money on the manufacturer saying that it's the ideal product for both industrial and office applications in that case! :D