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Hello everyone,

Could you please suggest a synonym for this word?

The context is the following:

"So, religion is not the positive; it is not dogmatic, assertive or convertive; it is not the worship of images."

Thank you
  • Hi,
    Is it supposed to mean "of the intention to convert"?

    "Evangelizing" might work. It's theoretically understood to apply to Christianity, but I guess it could be used for any religion..
    Thank you GEmatt!

    Do you think that, in order to keep religious terms away (the author of the book from where the sentence comes is a non-religious person!), I could use the word "transmutating"?
    De nada.

    But I'm not sure what you mean by "keeping religious terms away". You want to use a term for "convertive" that is less connected with religion than "evangelizing"? If so, "transmutation" won't work in any case, you'd have to use "transmutative" .. but this sounds strange, in your context. What about "prescriptive"?

    I can't think of any non-religious synonyms for the moment; but I'm curious as to why you want to keep away from religious terms, when the quotation already makes use of "dogmatic" and "worship of images"...
    Sorry GEmatt! I know it really sounds confusing!:D

    My problem with the word "evangelizing" is that it is to attached to Christianity. It seems to me that the author is speaking in terms of all the religions and not particularizing at any point. That is why I would prefer a word not related with religion, at least not directly.
    I forgot to tell you that I am translating the text into portuguese and the word "evangelizing" in portuguese is strongly related with Christianity!