convex over concave ogee curve, concave over convex ogee curve


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There is a type of a curve called an ogee curve. In German an ogee curve is "der Kielbogen". There are two types:

1) convex over concave ogee curve
2) concave over convex ogee curve

(see picture please)

I am trying to translate names of these two types into German. Could you please help me?

My attempt:

1) der Konvex-Konkav-Kielbogen
2) der Konkav-Konvex-Kielbogen

context: curve that is an element of an arch in architecture naming

Thank you.


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    Hi, I just tried to get information in Wikipedia.
    They use another kind of classification.
    Kielbogen – Wikipedia

    In English they show your classification:
    Ogee - Wikipedia
    ... concave over convex (cyma recta), and convex over concave (cyma reversa), representing the cross-sections of two types of decorative moldings used in building[1][2]

    Here Kymation – Wikipedia
    they descrybe your picture.
    They do not translate it.

    Do you have more context?
    Is it modern architecture or old architecture you refer to?
    This can help to find answers.

    PS: I did not find German words fitting exactly to your picture.
    The German texts I found used "cyma recta" and "cyma reversa".
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    Gesims Artikel

    Das Gesims setzt sich traditionell aus folgenden Elementen zusammen:

    • Cyma: Ein Formteil mit doppelter Krümmung, auch als "Wellenformteil" bezeichnet. Wird als oberstes Element verwendet. Kann entweder eine Cyma recta (obere konkave Kurve und untere Conzepx- convexe Kurve) oder Cyma reversa (obere konvexe Kurve und untere konkave Kurve) sein.


    The use "cyma recta" and "cyma reversa" and explain it. I corrected a typo of the source. I marked relevant parts bold.

    Note: I am not an architect. Hopefully an architect will give a better solution.