convey a great deal...

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You use can to indicate that something is true sometimes or is true in some circumstances.
The speed at which we talk can also convey a great deal...
(Collins Cobuild)

This sentence means:
1) The high speed at which we talk allows us to utter more words than if we talked more slowly.
2) The manner in which we talk characterizes us in a certain way

Which of these two points is correct? (if there is)

Thank you
  • e2efour

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    UK English
    Point 2 is the only one I find relevant.
    It is surprisingly unhelpful of this dictionary to give such poor examples, with no context. It could do this by adding the words "a great deal about our emotions or state of mind".


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    English - NW US
    If I were to read (in a vacuum) The speed at which we talk can also convey a great deal. I would expect to be reading the introduction to an essay on nonverbal communication, or at least one aspect of it.

    However, If I were to read it with more context, I could imagine the other meanings you presented being a plausible interpretation as well.
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