Convey my humble greeting/greetings to all at home


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A letter to my sister
At the end of the letter, I say:
...... Convey my humble greeting/greetings to all at home.

What is the meaning of "greeting(s)" here? Should I use singular or the plural form?
  • tunaafi

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    It's not so much the length, but the formality of 'convey' and 'humble'. I would be more likely to say Please give my love/best wishes to all at home'. The words you have used might well be appropriate in the variety of English used in your part of the world.


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    If I were writing to one of many friends back in my hometown, but I don't want to go so far as to use the word 'love' nor do I want specifically to wish anything for the future for them, I might say "Give my greetings to all at home."
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