convulated (convoluted)


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I want to say this:-
The bus goes through a very unnecessary long route. it roams here and there , round and round, and is time consuming.

How do I say this, here's my try-
I will go by train, because bus goes via a convulated route.
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    I suppose it depends on what you mean. If the bus zigzags across town, doubling back on its own route, I would say "convoluted" is perfect. If you mean that it travels from point A to point B by going out of its way to point C and then on to point B (like two long sides of a triangle), then "roundabout" sounds better to me.


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    And if you're trying to be a humorous, you might say that the bus takes a scenic route. (The sign 'scenic route' can be found on US and UK roads, and these are typically longer than the direct route.)
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