Cook-up modified starches from dent or waxy maize


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Hi Guys,
I'm translating a commercial brochure.
Cook-up modified starches from dent or waxy maize = amidi modificati da cuocere derivati da maizena tritata o mescolata
Sounds terrible...
Thanks for your help.
  • Trovo nel Morricone-Pedicino Dizionario dietetico degli alimenti "mais dentato" per "dent maize." "Cook-up" dev'essere, "cuocere" (ma vorrei vedere piu del contesto).
    Forse: cuocere degli amidi modificati da mais dentato o ceratino [il nome latino di waxy maize è Zea mays var. ceratina].
    Thanks Italtray, "mais dentato" and "ceratino" sound perfect.
    "Cook-up" is compared to "instant", may this help you?
    I cannot provide a broader context, I just have a short description for each brand.
    Tnx again!
    ""Cook-up" is compared to "instant""

    Problematic in AE. For things like oatmeal, on a package, in a grocery store, "instant" and "quick-cooking" are used in opposition to "regular.":confused: I don't know what those crazy British do:D