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An officer(A) appoints his wife ( B) to a public office by committing an irregularity ( getting around the rule). The incident provoked news paper reports charging A with favoritism and nepotism, which in turn led to appointing an enquiring authority. The inquiring authorities, on enquiry, faulted C, an altogether unrelated junior officer for the irregularity; it was obvious that A is behind such deflection.

Help me describe:
What did A do against C?
What did enquiry authorities do ( gave in to influence)?
  • mjscott

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    A incriminated C in the incident.
    C was a scapegoat for A's acts of nepotism.
    Enquiry authorities bought the story that C, not A was involved in hiring B.
    Enquiry authorities were persuaded that C was guilty of scandalous hiring practices that brought A's integrity into question.
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