cooking breakfast

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Je reponds au question....
'what is she doing?'

Je voudrais dire ...
' She is cooking breakfast.'

Je ne comprends pas la difference entre....
1) Elle est en train de faire le cuisine petit déjeuner.
2) Elle est en train de cuisiner le petit déjeuner.
3) Elle est en train de faire cuire le petit déjeuner.

Merci beaucoup!
  • SwissPete

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    Français (CH), AE (California)
    I think the most common way to express this idea is to say: « Elle est en train de faire / préparer le petit déjeuner.

    PS: Question est féminin.


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    English - US; French - CH

    You don't really need "est en train de", either, unless you are emphasizing that she is right now in the process of cooking breakfast.

    Elle fait le petit déjeuner / elle prépare le petit déjeuner.


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    French breakfasts don't involve a lot of actual cooking, so "préparer" is more natural! ;)(you can also say "she's making breakfast" in English too!


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    Note that using petit déjeuner for breakfast is mostly a French from France thing (a francisme) and is a relatively recent phenomenon. Elsewhere (e.g. in Canada, Belgium and Switzerland; as well as some parts of France), She is cooking breakfast would be Elle prépare le déjeuner. However, this can cause confusion between different francophones as déjeuner generally means lunch in France.
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