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Hi there guys! I have a questions.

I always get confused with these verbs. to bake, to roast.

My question is, when we cook chicken, pork, beef, fish, I mean, meat in general. Do we bake or roast them? about vegetables?

Thanks in advance.
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    To roast a chicken you don't put it inside a pot, but near the fire. The same with any meat or even vegetables. You can roast an ear of corn for example. To bake is inside an oven or another kitchen utensil like the Dutch oven. When we cook chicken, pork, etc. we can stew or boil them, mostly. We use the verb to cook in a general sense (to prepare a food). To roast is cooking by approaching something to a source of heat (chicken, ribs, a pig, fish, etc), like barbecue, for example. This is my opinion.


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    Hi eddiemel,

    Here is a previous thread that might help, or it might confuse you more. :) Personally, I might roast meats and vegetables or I might bake them. It depends on what I am making and which cooking method sounds best to me in context.



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