Cooking is like love.


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I am trying to translate these phrases in to Italian:

"Cooking is like love. It should be entered into without abandon or not at all."

Thank you so very much.
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    Hello jlroesner and welcome:)

    Besides: one question only for each thread. Open separate threads for questions on separate topics.



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    Hi jlroesner, and welcome. :)

    What our Italian friends are trying to say is that WordReference is not a free translation service, but rather a community of language learners interested in translating and discussing words, phrases, and constructions together. As such, if you can, we'd really appreciate your translation attempt, so that if necessary we can correct it, and you can learn something along the way. ;)

    Moreover, the forums are like an interactive supplement to the dictionaries, wherein each thread acts as a dictionary entry. This means only question (word, phrase, or sentence) per thread. :)

    Thanks for your attention!

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