Cooking mistake: Add the wrong amount of ingredients

Xavier da Silva

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Hello everyone,


When you cook, you normally prepare the food in a way that all ingredients combine together to make the food tasty. However, there are times when, you, for some reason, make a cooking mistake, for example: you add more or less oil than necessary, add more or less salt than necessary, or other ingredients(spices, etc) than necessary.

My question: Could you suggest an expression or expressions for when you make a cooking mistake and the food isn't as good as it should be? Is it possible to use "spoil the food"?

Ex.: I'm sorry, Kevin. I think I spoiled the food today. There is too much salt.

Thank you in advance!
  • pwmeek

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    For one of your examples there is a common phrase: "I think I [over/under]-salted that." There are not many other ingredients I would use that with, however. (None that I can think of.)

    "I think I [some negative word] the food," with a following explicit explanation, as you suggest, might be best. "Ruined" (what I hear most often) or "wrecked" might be appropriate if the food is completely inedible.
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