'Cool' and 'Cold'

Discussion in 'English Only' started by b2vin, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. b2vin New Member

    India, Kannada
    Hi All,
    Could anybody tell me the difference between Cool and Cold.

    Thanx in advance
  2. Gwan Senior Member

    Indre et Loire, France
    New Zealand, English
    In terms of temperature, cool is a bit less cold than cold is, if that makes sense. I would say a day of 10 degrees celsius might be 'cool', whereas 0 degrees would definitely be 'cold'.

    If you're talking about a person/thing - be careful "she's cool" means she's a fun/hip person, whereas "she's cold" means she's a bit distant/unapproachable/formal
  3. "Cool" is a softer, "smaller" degree of "cold". You often may hear of something being "pleasantly cool".
  4. sdgraham

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    Welcome to the forum, B2vin.

    As part of the process of helping people with the English language, we ask that those who pose questions observe the rules of writing in their posts as well.

    In line with that, please note that the "cool" and "cold" to which you refer are apparently adjectives and not proper nouns. Thus, they should not be capitalized.
  5. b2vin New Member

    India, Kannada
    Thanx 4 ur timely reply friend.
  6. b2vin New Member

    India, Kannada
    Thanx 4 ur timely reply friend
  7. snorklebum

    snorklebum Senior Member

    Mexico English
    Also, not that "to cool" is a verb. Cool down. I want to cool off. The pies are cooling.

    But there is no verb "to cold". You'd say "to get cold"

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