cool, calm, and collected

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Could I ask how one would translate the following:

"Cool, calm, and collected: The Sandien ideal of self-composure"

Quand je dit"Sandien"--je veux dire, bien sur, a la George Sand, --romanciere.

I can, of course, also put the first phrase in english, then follow with the french. this is what I have:

"Cool, calm, and collected: l'ideal Sandien de garder son sang-froid." It doesn't look right, however. I'm trying to discuss the ideal character in George Sand's novels: le personnage de sang-froid.

thank you in advance.
  • hmm, very interesting. I did use the phrase la maîtrise de soi when referring to her character Ralph (the novel: Indiana). could you tell me the difference, en francais ou en anglais, entre la maîtrise de soi et le sang-froid?

    Thanks! Donna


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    "l'idéal sandien de sang-froid" est plus correct. "de garder son sang-froid" ne serait pas utilisé ici.


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    garder son sang-froid seems more like a reaction than a state of being to me...

    rester zen ? Is that too colloquial for a title in French?

    In English academics have become quite (sometimes too) clever in giving their work a title. (With the ubiquitous colon in the middle--such a format is starting to seem banal to me...)


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    WR Dictionary:
    calm and collected,
    cool, calm and collected
    adj (person: composed) calme et serein adj
    calme et posé adj
    calme et réfléchi adj

    'Zen' seems to me strange, out of place, when talking about a 19thC author, if that is still the subject...
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