Cool Raoul, relax Max

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  1. vegangirl Banned

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    Comment dit-on "Cool Raoul, relax Max !" en anglais ?

    Je propose : Cool man! / Relax man!

    Mandy est très nerveuse parce-que c’est bientôt le Brevet et elle a peur de le rater. Elle est très stressée et elle se ronge les ongles tellement elle craint de ne pas avoir le Brevet. Devon lui dit de se calmer un peu. Il a dit : « Cool Raoul, relax Max ! »

    La phrase « Cool Raoul, relax Max ! » est une expression. C'est du langage familier et c'est de l'argot. Cela veut dire qu’une personne conseille quelqu’un de se calmer et de se relaxer. Il est sur les nerfs, très énervé, excité ou surexcité alors elle lui dit de se détendre.

  2. radiohead87 Senior Member

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    USA, English
    "Relax man!" works, but I also hear "Take a chill pill (man)!"
  3. Wunibald Senior Member

    Paris, France
    I suppose the most obvious phrase these days would be: chill out!
  4. la petite fille anglaise Member

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    Definitely "chill out". The others would work too, but that is the most natural. At least in BE.
  5. bédéiste Senior Member

    English Indiana
    I would say "Dude man, chill out!", something you would say when someone is freaking out.
  6. chuann6

    chuann6 Senior Member

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    and if bédéiste one is speaking to an young or teenage girl ... cool it , chill (without the man) ?
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  7. firstyearout Senior Member

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    An expression that has recently gained popularity, at least in Australia, is:

    "Chill Winston!"

    It can be used for boys and girls :)
  8. Boondock Member

    English - USA
    Hmm never heard "Winston" in America.
    and yes chuann it is fine to use chill out or just chill without the "man" (especially if it is said to a female)
  9. Wopsy

    Wopsy Senior Member

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    I love 'Hang loose, Mother Goose'!

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