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I come across word 'coolly' in book called Blank Slate by Steven Pinker.

Here's the original sentence from the book:
"many of my arguments will be coolly analytical"

I look up word on Lexico and Wordnik.
Lexico entry:
in a way that lacks friendliness or enthusiasm:
"the representatives were greeted coolly"
in a way that shows a lack of any excitement, anxiety, or excessive emotion:
"passengers were able to deal with the possible threat coolly and calmly" · [more]
in a way that is fashionably attractive or impressive:
"she was coolly dressed down in cut-off jean shorts""

Wordnik entry:
  • In a cool or indifferent manner; not cordially; carelessly; disrespectfully: as, he was coolly received at court.
  • With quiet presumption or impudence; nonchalantly; impudently: as, he coolly took the best for himself."
I think the first entry of coolly means "in a calm composed manner with no signs of excessive emotion like anger excitement or anxiety"
The second entry, to me, goes something like this: "in an unfriendly unconcerned way that lacks interest enthusiasm or affection that makes people think you are rude unfriendly and impudent, or more simply aloof"

There, I have listed my interpretation of the word "coolly" Like I said, I look up definitions from dictionaries. I try my best to understand the meanings. As a result, I show you people the results of time I spend sitting down at desk trying best to understand words, in the form of interpretation. But since I am not native speaker of English, I come to this website to ask native speakers for help, to get native speakers to give me feedback on where I am wrong in my understanding of the word. I do not know if my interpretation is 100% right or wrong. I am not doing this to forceably change the dictionary definition because I think the official meaning is wrong.
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    At the entry for "coolly" the OED has the following

    coolly, adv.
    1.a. Unemotionally, dispassionately; deliberately, without haste; calmly, composedly.

    b. Without fervour, enthusiasm, or warmth of interest; without cordiality or friendliness.

    c. Unabashedly and assuredly, in a context where diffidence and hesitation would be expected; with composed audacity or impudence.

    2. literal. At or with a relatively low temperature; so as to be agreeably cool.

    3. Stylishly, fashionably.