cooperation from/with/of you

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    What is the difference between “cooperation from you”, “cooperation of you”, and "cooperation with you" ? Are “of” and "with" also possible here?
    From makes more sense than of or with do in the sentence, HolyUnicorn. It means that the cooperation comes from the patient. By would be a poor second choice of preposition in that context. With emphasizes the idea of working together with another person. Of is a colorless option used to indicate the possessor of something or origin of something, but from sounds livelier and more natural in that sentence.


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    From indicates the origin of the noun: Take the cat from the table -> the origin of the cat is the table.
    Of indicates (in this case) an association The door of the car the door associated with the car.
    With indicates (in this case) that the subject and object of with both accompany each other and engage in exactly the same action. I walked the whole way with him.

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