coordinate the cooperation


Can you say "coordinate the cooperation with ...." to mean something like "arrange the cooperation with..."?
I think it may sound redundant or there may be an overlapping of the meaning.
  • Packard

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    USA, English
    I think "coordinate efforts..." or "coordinate efforts with a aim of cooperation...".

    The fact that both words have "coop" in them does not mean that they are in any way related.

    As an aside when I was learning English we spelled both with an ö, so they would look like "coöperation" or "coördinate". both of which get flagged by my spell checker...

    Wikitonary shows the "coördinate" as the preferred spelling but I think that is not correct.


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    I think the meanings together are not redundant, but you are right that it sounds, somehow, redundant.
    So I think that—for style, not grammar—it's advisable to use Packard's "coordinate efforts" or "manage the cooperation", avoiding the use of two "coo-" words.
    The forms with diaeresis on the "ö" are extremely rare (outside of The New Yorker magazine).
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