cop calls out bikie ‘clowns’

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Does "cop calls out bikie ‘clowns’" mean "cop announces that bikies are clowns"? The question is if "call out" means "announce" here, then should "bikie" be "bikies"?

‘Dumb bastards’: Gang-busting cop calls out bikie ‘clowns’
LISTEN NOW Outspoken former top cop Ken “Slasher” McKay has dumped on the nation’s bikies, calling gang members boneheads and cowards who “dress like clowns”, “get grabbed by the cops all the time” and always “roll over” on their mates.

Source: We’re for Sydney | Daily Telegraph
  • owlman5

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    It should mean something like "Gang-busting cop challenges bikie clowns" or perhaps "Gang-busting cop reveals unflattering truths about bikie clowns."


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    Yes, when you call someone out you make a claim about them in a public way. It could be about how they act, their morals, how they dress, or anything that the speaker thinks is wrong about them and should change.

    Bikie is an adjective here so it doesn't have an "s". They are clowns of the bikie type.

    Indirectly, the headline is implying that he's saying that they should stop acting like clowns, but he doesn't actually say that directly. He says they dress like clowns, which is not exactly the same.
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