cop-out, dig

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Sasha Ivanov

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Now, maybe that is what she is trying to say to rebuff her escort, but it seems to that that would only be intended as a momentary deflection or dig and certainly not some sort of statement of belief or intent valid beyond that moment.

What's a "dig"? What's a cop-out, for that matter?
We have a word in Russian I often use - "otmazka", and I have chosen to substitute "a cop-out" for it. Otmazka means a reason, a clever reason you give to deflect a responsibilility or duty to do something or when you're being accused of something? It also connotes that the person to whom you're giving it, may even be aware that it's only an excuse, but can't do anything about it, cause it's so crafty, plausible
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  • bibliolept

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    A "cop out" in this context, is a cheap reason rather than a valid one, a flimsy excuse.

    "Dig," colloquially, is a remark intended as a criticism, recrimination, or insult.
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