cope up [cope with]

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    Qué significa en español COPE UP ? :

    This results in the body not being able to cope up with even normal pressures exerted at various levels due to work or food and the net result is obesity and weight gain.

  2. Broccolicious Senior Member

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    Hi Maria

    I think it must be a mistake - it should be 'able to cope with', not 'cope up'.

    'Cope with' means 'aguantar' in this context, I think.

    Hope that helps

  3. nateireann Senior Member

    Spanish (Spain)
    Esto da como resultado que el cuerpo no sea capaz de aguantar/soportar ni siquiera una presion normal ejercida a varios niveles debido al trabajo o a la comida y el resultado neto es obesidad y ganancia de peso.
  4. sogato Senior Member

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    I agree with Broccolicious, in my opinion they have mixed up to different phrasal verbs with the same meaning:"put up with" and "cope with" (aguantar, soportar).

  5. MariaFda Member

    colombia, español
    Thanks a lot!!

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